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Google Maps Nes Famicom Pre-Order
Be on the look out for the latest NES (Famicom) cartridge, Google Maps. We should have these in stock by end of the week. Pre-order your's today and take your Nes out for another spin!
New York City has some interesting landmarks that aren't exposed to the public like the High Line that opened a few years ago. Now they are trying to get up the Low Line, which is under the Williamsburg Bridge. Its an abandoned trolly terminal created in the early 1900's and now they plan on reviving it for the Lower East Side. Using the social funding powerhouse, Kickstarter they managed to reach their 100k funding goal in less than 10 days. And speaking of Kickstarter, we're thinking of starting something there too.
The first edition bundle of the Playstation Vita was finally released earlier last week and has created a lot of buzz within the gaming community. With it's beautiful 5-inch OLED touchscreen, quad-core processor and quad-core GPU, it definitely sets itself ahead of the pack in handheld consoles as the most powerful portable console out there. It is being launched officially tomorrow, and the lineup is nothing short of impressive, with big name titles such as Uncharted and Wipeout. It's hard to say, however, if the Vita will be successful because of its hefty price tag and its competition being the 3DS, which recently shot itself up to be one of the top selling handhelds in Japan. We are definitely hoping for its success though, as there seems to be a wealth of potential in the platform just waiting to be harnessed by developers.
At xCubicle when we repair your game system, our techicians use top of the line professional equipment that normal day to day people would never buy unless your really into electronics. As for soldering we don't use any cheap radio shack or even in the $100-$300 range soldering stations. Personally I have used alot of soldering irons in the past and the are all crap compared to the ones we use now. Many cheap models you end up having to wait for your iron to heat up or it doesn't give consistent heat. The soldering iron stations we use are from JBC, and they are hands down the best on the market. Also the most expensive! As for this model shown above its the JBC DDST which includes a vacuum sucker that we don't really use that often, but overall its a very elite tool to have!
We usually create some pretty cool stuff at our shop and we love to share with our friends what we've done. This is one of our latest custom built PSP 2000, its one of a kind and looks amazing. Wouldn't you say so yourself? We can't stop smiling about this pretty piece. We love it!
Our techs use some of the finest and best tools for electronics repair. As in the case of manual screw drivers, we use the Autoloader Screw drivers. Its a multi bit screw driver like the rest of them, but the one thing that makes it unique is that everything is stored within the handle and you don't need to deal with the hassle of switching the bits manually. Which does tend to get lost most of the time compared to other multi-bit toolsets. Rest assured your Nintendo DSi or PSP systems are fixed with professional tools!
You can bring your broken Nintendo DS Lites to us, even if its in two pieces, we can fix it for you and make it look like NEW!! If its a broken Top LCD screen, that's not an issue either, we'll make it work again. Its almost like magic. Bring your Nintendo DS lite for a full diagnostic and we'll do the rest. This offer is only valid for NYC residents and those who drop off their systems.