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Enchant Address: One Address to Rule Them All

We enhance crypto addresses by integrating other cryptocurrency features into it without modifying the core software like a sidechain.
This sidechain like setup leverages existing blockchain infrastructure by enhancing any blockchain and its addresses with new properties without changing its core software. We have built the ability to link Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ardor, and other crypto currencies together. Features from one blockchain can be leveraged on another.
In Development Features:
Reoccuring Smart Contracts Payments
- Weekly allowance payments.
- Auto dividend payout system to shareholders.
- Payout shareholders/customers in asset shares or colored coins
- Funnel percentage of coins through a dice site's api on each payment
- Detect colored addresses with assets, and fund it with its native currency if its depleted
Message attachments
- Attach a message to any cryptocurrency address or transaction id
Account Controls
- Lock an account from sending coins unless account contains a certain amount or type of coin
- Prevent sending out of coins unless a certain amount of users approve.
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