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NYC Bitcoin Fair

New York City's First Bitcoin Fair

The Hester Street Fair (Bitcoin Fair) is the only outdoor community market located on the Lower East Side of NYC, specializing in handmade goods, creative products and artisanal food. HSF is a launching pad for small, independent businesses and artists. Hundreds of vendors rotate over 60 spots every Sunday to create one of the most dynamic outdoor events in New York City.

In the media:

How is Bitcoin involved?
We would be the first Bitcoin fair in NYC to have a group of merchants and food vendors accepting Bitcoin in one spot. We also have teamed up with Xcubicle who has helped incubate the Bitcoin community in NYC since 2012. They will help to organize Bitcoin related events that involve speaker sessions, community meetups, and public education in this space.

What makes this unique?
We plan to merge a typical local vendor fair with a feel of a Bitcoin social community gathering. We're taking a grassroots approach on increasing Bitcoin adoption by integrating a new technology into something that currently exists.

How are you going to increase adoption rates?
Adoption rates increase as the general public understands how the technology works and gets a test bed to try it out at a fair like this. Our approach is targeting the vendors that has products/services that do not take Bitcoin yet. Those vendors that choose to accept Bitcoin will receive an additional % revenue from every Bitcoin transaction tracked via the blockchain public ledger. This creates an incentive for vendors to learn the technology and adopt it as it would provide an additional revenue. Now as for consumers that use Bitcoin, we would implement a similar strategy where users would receive a % rebate discount when spending their bitcoins as at a verified vendor at the fair. Due to the mass numbers of consumers at a fair, we would limit the number of sign ups each day and have those that wish to participate register their bitcoin address with us to track their spending. 

The fair has come to a close as of May 2015. It was a fun experiment while it lasted.

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