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Device Issue

We have quite a number of customers asking to unlock their iPhones in the past and have collected a waitlist until this service comes available for the public. We understand there are tools out in the open to do this type of unlocking but its only used by law enforcement and governments currently. Eventually when these tools come to the public, we can only wait and build up a list for those interested. 

Privacy is an important thing and we understand why mobile phones need to stay locked for journalist, lawyers, government officials, or anyone with sensitive data that can result in the loss of life. But for the general public that is just trying to recover their photos of a loved one that just past or extract important data for personal reasons. We plan to provide this service for this type of demand once enough people join the waitlist, please fill out: https://forms.gle/PsBQC9ta1G1CZ7yF6


Recent Customer Reviews

Aag Group - Fixed: Macbook
I cannot speak highly enough about the service xCubicle provided. My wife spilled coffee on her laptop and the trackpad was rendered useless. While the manufacturer was charging an insane amount for this repair, xCubicle was able to fix the problem for a very fair price. They were extremely professional, updating my wife and I every step of the way. They even went ahead and ordered a replacement part for her and got the laptop up and running in no time. These guys are best and I will always be… Read More Reviews
Edward Smith - Fixed: Xbox One
Hey Edward, thank you for your positive feedback! We're thankful that you entrusted your PS4 in us.
M Cab - Fixed: Xbox One
I had pretty bad stick drift on my Xbox Elite series 2, had them fix it (paid a little extra for quicker turn around). It initially worked well for a couple weeks, then I noticed it start again. I contact them, they said to bring it in. They fixed it at no extra charge (even the quicker turn around for no extra charge), and it has worked great (for an Xbox Elite controller at least, no fault of these guys at all) ever since. Will definitely use these guys in the future.
Rick B. - Fixed: PS4
These guys were able to fix my PS4 AND my 1st gen PS3 without a problem and in a timely fashion. For what they charged it was well worth it. Trying to find another working 1st gen PS4 would have been expensive. The only problem has nothing to do with the quality of service or the cost but the location. They probably need to have a sign up telling you exactly where their office is on the floor. But now that I know where they are I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others… Read More Reviews
Atlas Rose - Fixed: DSi xl
i was able to get my dsi xl fixed here!! i got the top screen replaced because it had been cracked for years and they did a great job fixing it :’)
Mutah Walton - Fixed: Xbox One X
Xcubicle fixed my boys Xbox in no time. And it’s still working with no problems and we got it fixed in June. The pricing is reasonable and very good customer service. I will definitely go back if needed.
Peter M. - Fixed: PS3
These guys are amazing! my ps3 recently died and i had alot of family photos in my system and I wanted some place reliable. i researched around and was thinking about sending it to places out of the state, but read alot of bad horror stories during shipping so decided to do it locally so at least i can talk to the guy that's going to fix my stuff. at first i brought it to my local game shop in brooklyn but they weren't able to fix it and actually recommend me to these guys afterwards… Read More Reviews
A BROWN - Fixed: Nintendo Switch
They wrongly diagnosed the problem on my switch but when they realised the error they refunded me the money(160) and got it working again for $30.00. They are very professional and know what they are doing.I would definitely go back
Jesenia Padilla - Fixed: 3DS XL
I have a 3ds XL that needed the 3d slider to be fixed, I bought it used but reset so this would be a problem if I wanted to use it. They fixed it a couple months back, very nice people and very clear with me as well in regards to how long it would take, how to package the item to deliver to them, and even payment. If there’s a time where I need to fix any other consoles I own, whether handheld or regular, I will certainly use their services again. Thank you lots!!