Blockchain Gateway Dapp Chrome Extension

A Dapp to parse immutable and censor resistant text on any website.

This browser extension lets you resolve blockchain handlers such as BTC:// XMR:// ETH:// USDT:// IGNIS:// ARDOR://

The Open Alias ( handler is also supported: OA:// OPENALIAS:// -- This does a DNS lookup and doesn't use the Ardor blockchain at all.

The blockchain handlers will output the value of the URL as plain text when clicked. Currently all handlers resolve to the IGNIS child chain as a test bed before building out BTC, ETH, USDT and XMR child chains on the the Ardor platform.

*All alias text data is stored on a BitTorrent type decentralized storage layer called the Ardor Data Cloud storage network.*

*Examples - Install Extension and visit this page again:*


To register your own alias, you can visit: password is "secret" (testnet coins are available are first come first serve). All URL aliases reside on Ardor testnet and if you like to use mainnet, you can install Ardor ( locally. Goto options and point to your local node: http://localhost:7876

Chrome Store URL:…

Donate to support this extension: OpenAlias://