PlayStation 3

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ps3 ylod repair
Device Issue
Blinking Light Repair - YLOD
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ps3 drive issue
Device Issue
Drive Broken / Not Reading Games

We've been fixing Playstation 3 systems since 2008 and have our own methods of repairing YLOD that other shops might not be able to do. Currently we're one of the only few repair shops left being able to fix these legacy consoles. Read our reviews and text us for an inquiry.

If you're researching more info on the PS3 YLOD issue, you can read our research findings here: PS3 YLOD Reflow / Reball Analysis - As of 2021, we've incorporated the NEC/Tokin Capacitor replacements into our repair methods.


If you're in New York City, you can drop off your device at our Manhattan shop. Alternatively, you can opt for our mail-in repair by following these instructions:

1. Package your device and send it to our address.
2. We will diagnose the issue and provide you with the repair cost before proceeding with the repair.
3. To ensure prompt service, kindly include a piece of paper with your name, phone number, and email written on it inside the package.

Please note that customers are responsible for the packaging and shipping of their devices. For our mailing address, please click here or call us for assistance.

Recent Customer Reviews

Francisco M. - Fixed: PS3
TL;DR - Great shop. Prompt service. Always gets the job done and makes accidents disappear. Long version - I've come to xCubicle for help with consoles on two occasions. The first time they resuscitated my fat PS3 that had finally suffered a YLOD after years of faithful service. I was able to salvage all of my game saves, and they even installed a more powerful fan to try and give the unit a few more years. So far it's still kicking. Recently, I returned to them after accidentally… Read More Reviews
Nathan U. - Fixed: PS3
I had an excellent experience with the guys at xCubicle. I brought my very old first generation 60Gig PS3 in for repair to xCubicle. It had the dreaded YLOD. I figured it would take almost a week to fix, but I got a call late the following day that it had been repaired. Wonderful! After a month of heavy use, it broke again (it's a 5 year old piece of electronic equipment that I use frequently and heavily, this comes as no surprise) and I brought it back to xCubicle. The second repair was… Read More Reviews
Peter M. - Fixed: PS3
These guys are amazing! my ps3 recently died and i had alot of family photos in my system and I wanted some place reliable. i researched around and was thinking about sending it to places out of the state, but read alot of bad horror stories during shipping so decided to do it locally so at least i can talk to the guy that's going to fix my stuff. at first i brought it to my local game shop in brooklyn but they weren't able to fix it and actually recommend me to these guys afterwards… Read More Reviews
Malikai - Fixed: PS3
I sent in my lightning edition PS3 from a few states over and they had it back to me in great condition a few weeks later. Had an motherboard replacement done by them. Excellent price, very nice and kept me updated. Will be back for any other console repairs 👍
Steve Demmet - Fixed: PS3
xCubicle is a lifesaver when it comes to repairing, in my case, a 1st generation PS3. Updates come almost immediately and you're treated with the utmost respect. They take great pride in offering only top-tier service. Complete experts who take gaming seriously. Very fortunate to have found them.
Jose Nelson - Fixed: PS3
My PS3 needed servicing. My game disk would not play once inserted. I took it here to xCubicle and the repair was excellent. The Lady who took care of me was very friendly and answered all my questions. The repair took about a week but the repair was well done. I’m very happy with the service provided to me. I highly recommend anyone who needs their consoles repaired this is the place to go. Thx xCubicle