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Broken LCD/Touch Screen

If you're in New York City, you can drop off your device at our Manhattan shop. Alternatively, you can opt for our mail-in repair by following these instructions:

1. Package your device and send it to our address.
2. We will diagnose the issue and provide you with the repair cost before proceeding with the repair.
3. To ensure prompt service, kindly include a piece of paper with your name, phone number, and email written on it inside the package.

Please note that customers are responsible for the packaging and shipping of their devices. For our mailing address, please click here or call us for assistance.

Recent Customer Reviews

M Cab - Fixed: Xbox One
I had pretty bad stick drift on my Xbox Elite series 2, had them fix it (paid a little extra for quicker turn around). It initially worked well for a couple weeks, then I noticed it start again. I contact them, they said to bring it in. They fixed it at no extra charge (even the quicker turn around for no extra charge), and it has worked great (for an Xbox Elite controller at least, no fault of these guys at all) ever since. Will definitely use these guys in the future.
professor p. - Fixed: Other
My early HTC One replacement phone died after being very reliable over the two years i had it. Figured it was a battery problem. I thought replacing the battery in the HTC One would be a simple solution. I checked vendors on ebay, craigslist and popup cell repair phone shops. No one would touch it, including those who advertised they did. HTC evidendily wants you to shell out another $700. For a new phone, so the phone is made so it have to disassemble half the phone to replace the battery. One… Read More Reviews
Morman Trujillo - Fixed: PS Vita
I recently had my PS Vita repaired at this location and I couldn't be happier with the service. The staff was knowledgeable and efficient in fixing my device and getting it back to me in great condition. The repair was affordable and done in a timely manner. I highly recommend this location for anyone in need of PS Vita repairs
cricket chirps - Fixed: 3DS
I was so pleased to discover that xCubicle certainly lives up to its reputation! After dealing with an enormous crack that covered up most of the screen in my 3DS XL for ages, I sent it in to be repaired by xCubicle. They communicated with me very well and sent me my 3DS back pretty quickly. Unfortunately there was an issue with the replacement screen since I had a limited edition model, BUT I let xCubicle know about the issue once I had received it, so then they asked me to send it back and… Read More Reviews
Rodney Martinez - Fixed: PS4
This place did excellent and speedy work. Fixed my PS4 pro along with issues caused by a previous company that "fixes" console issues. I would highly recommend this company if you have any console issues.
Steve Demmet - Fixed: PS3
xCubicle is a lifesaver when it comes to repairing, in my case, a 1st generation PS3. Updates come almost immediately and you're treated with the utmost respect. They take great pride in offering only top-tier service. Complete experts who take gaming seriously. Very fortunate to have found them.
Shawn S. - Fixed: PS5
This was one of the best outcomes to a terrible situation (Playstation 5 PS5HDMI port issue). I'm just upset I didn't take it there much sooner. Shopped around online, and only found one other store with comparable pricing (slightly less, but it involved shipping my system out). So of course, I opted for convenience. Anyways, they kept me in the loop, and actually finished faster than expected. Overall, the experience was so good that I'm going to check out the website to see… Read More Reviews
Diego Raphael Tovar - Fixed: PS Vita
Dropped my PS Vita in a puddle and came to XCubicle after a week, they were able to get my PS Vita back to working condition and even restore the saved data I had. Absolutely the best service and communication I have ever seen. Would not go anywhere else and the price was right.
Harold Witten - Fixed: 2DS
After looking for someone who could repair my 2DSXL, I eventually stumbled on xCubicle, and I couldn't be happier having done so. They responded within 24hrs of me filling in the web form, and they were immediately prepared to accept delivery of my unit and replace its broken screen. xCubicle received it on the 12th and sent it back on the 17th, and it now works flawlessly. The person I was communicating with kept me up to date at every stage of the process. I can't recommend xCubicle highly… Read More Reviews