Buy Avalon Nano 3 - Canaan - Bitcoin Miner - 4TH 140W

Avalon Nano 3 - TP14A1 Power Supply PSU Only - $150

Introducing the Avalon Nano 3 – your ultimate solution to staying warm and earning Bitcoin effortlessly! Developed by the renowned NASDAQ-listed company Canaan Inc., this compact heater belongs to the prestigious Avalon product line.

Say goodbye to the winter blues! Picture this: sipping your favorite hot beverage while your cozy corner stays warm, even in the chilliest weather. No more icy hands and feet as you work or relax by the computer. And forget about tossing and turning in bed, longing for warmth – with Avalon Nano 3, you create your own snug haven.

But here's the real game-changer: while you bask in comfort, your Avalon Nano 3 quietly generates continuous Bitcoin revenue. Yes, you heard that right – earning crypto has never been cozier! Join the countless others who have already transformed their winters with Avalon Nano 3. Don't miss out – embrace warmth, luxury, and Bitcoin with Avalon Nano 3 today!

- Warm your icy hands and embrace prosperity with ease!

- For just $0.12 a day, unlock the power of Avalon Nano 3.

- Simply plug it in, feel the warmth, and watch as you earn $0.3 every single day.

- This is Avalon Nano 3 – your ticket to comfort and financial freedom.

*Calculated using the average US residential electricity price.

Avalon Nano 3 Pricing:

QTY: 1      = $680 each
QTY: 2-9  = $580 each
QTY: 10+ = $480 each

Text Us (917-809-6227) to place an order. Stock is very limited. 

Net Dimensions205mm*115mm*57mm
Net Weight≈725g
Input Voltage28V
Power Consumption140W(Max)
Hashrate4T/ 29J
Air Outlet Temperature40℃ - 60℃