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Steam Deck Repair ALL ISSUES (except for Mobo)
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Live in New York City? You can drop it off at our shop in Manhattan.

We also have a mail in option, where you send it to us first and pay after its fixed:

Main In Repar Instructions: Package and send your device to our address. We'll diagnose the issue and let you know how much is the repair before proceeding.

Please Note: Please include your name + phone number + email written on a piece of paper and include it in your package. No need to print anything out.


Recent Customer Reviews

Mack P. - Fixed: PS4
The people at xCubicle really helped me out with my playstation 4! The problem was my newly bought 1Tb  hard drive caused many errors that the factory made hard drive never had. They advised that I buy a new 1Tb hard drive and that they would actually buy it. But it would cost $50 to buy on top of the original $100 price. Honestly that was reasonable. The reason this isn't 5 star review was that they said it would take a week for the PlayStation to be ready. I return a week later and they say… Read More Reviews
Rick B. - Fixed: PS4
These guys were able to fix my PS4 AND my 1st gen PS3 without a problem and in a timely fashion. For what they charged it was well worth it. Trying to find another working 1st gen PS4 would have been expensive. The only problem has nothing to do with the quality of service or the cost but the location. They probably need to have a sign up telling you exactly where their office is on the floor. But now that I know where they are I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others… Read More Reviews
Raul H. - Fixed: PS4
Two of the main things I respect (and expect) when it comes to business transactions/customer relations are excellent service and quality. The guys here at Xcubicle were able to provide both. I came in with a 1st generation PlayStation 4 that was having disc drive issues, connectivity issues and also in desperate need of a cleaning. They did everything possible to salvage my system and succeeded. Upon repair they offered a trade-in offer towards a new system (which I gladly took) and even gave… Read More Reviews
Jayshawon P. - Fixed: PS4
My PS4 is working perfect it's better than when I bought it from target when it was brand new I prefer this company better for anybody this is the number one company I work for anybody to review legal are trying to fix these people know they are doing every kind of They will go out of the way for anybody who needs their video game fix so I give a 25 start up to this company and I love execute little and I will keep cinema stuff there and thank you for your assistance and thank you for your… Read More Reviews
Brandon M. - Fixed: PS4
I visited this hidden-away place in order to get my PlayStation 4 fixed for a disc-reading issue. The place is a little hard to find, there are small gold-colored doors at 48 Wall Street on the right-hand side. When you reach the lobby, let the desk guard/attendant know that you are visiting the 5th floor for xCubicle. Service was extremely friendly, reliable, and quick. I paid $140 for 3-hour service on my game system (PS4) and it was completed within 2. I actually waited in the local area… Read More Reviews
Jamie D. - Fixed: PS4
This was great my hdmi port on my ps4 system was damaged from being pulled in and out so much i took it too xcubicle too have it repaired i thought it would be hard too repair as i had it down for so many months and wanted too have it repaired as a gift for my kid's ,it was repaired the very next day… Read More Reviews
J C. - Fixed: PS5
Thank you for such excellent service. XCubicle repaired my daughter's DSxl perfectly! It plays great and they even managed to save the original custom red casing. The work was done very fast and shipped back to me very timely with no addition cost for shipping. Thank you! I'm definitely going to seek their help again in the future.
Shawn S. - Fixed: PS5
This was one of the best outcomes to a terrible situation (Playstation 5 PS5HDMI port issue). I'm just upset I didn't take it there much sooner. Shopped around online, and only found one other store with comparable pricing (slightly less, but it involved shipping my system out). So of course, I opted for convenience. Anyways, they kept me in the loop, and actually finished faster than expected. Overall, the experience was so good that I'm going to check out the website to see… Read More Reviews
Rob G. - Fixed: Wii
Great experience! Our Wii no longer would read the game disks. Didn't want to buy a replacement since you can't transfer most game data. They fixed it fast and all the data was saved. Great communication through the whole process. Worth every penny and would highly recommend.