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We fix all hashboard problems and can do ASIC chip replacements if needed. We're the main distributor for the STASIC hashboard tester and have multiple in stock to be able to tackle on various ASIC mining repairs from Antminer, Whatsminer, Avalon, Innosilicon, and Ebit. To better assist our clients, its best to SMS (917-809-6227) us and talk to a tech. 


If you're in New York City, you can drop off your device at our Manhattan shop. Alternatively, you can opt for our mail-in repair by following these instructions:

1. Package your device and send it to our address.
2. We will diagnose the issue and provide you with the repair cost before proceeding with the repair.
3. To ensure prompt service, kindly include a piece of paper with your name, phone number, and email written on it inside the package.

Please note that customers are responsible for the packaging and shipping of their devices. For our mailing address, please click here or call us for assistance.

Recent Customer Reviews

Rodney Martinez - Fixed: PS4
This place did excellent and speedy work. Fixed my PS4 pro along with issues caused by a previous company that "fixes" console issues. I would highly recommend this company if you have any console issues.
Aaron Katsnelson - Fixed: PS4 Slim
The price is appropriate and they are super straightforward about communication and delivery of services. I had a “blue light of death” on my ps4 pro; they were knowledgeable and familiar with the problem and repair. Turnaround time was about a week and they were on point about it. I hope I don’t have to, but if my ps4 needs anything from here on out, this is the place I’ll go; hands down!
Luis Almonte - Fixed: PS5
When my PS5’s HDMI port broke, I needed it repaired ASAP. I took it to an engineer that I know but he wasn’t able to fix the issue. He was unsuccessful at replacing the HDMI port, accidentally disconnected the fan chords from the plug (which he said fixed), and left screws out after putting it back together. I was livid and did some research and found Xcubicle. They were very easy to contact and scheduling an appointment was straightforward. The person I spoke with at the location was patient… Read More Reviews
Edmund Chen - Fixed: PS4
I came here after making the boneheaded mistake of ripping out the power supply connector from the motherboard in my PS4. Not only did they re-solder it for me, but when it continued to have problems, they fixed it THREE more times until the problem was properly identified. No additional charges–I only paid for the first repair. Fantastic service from talented technicians. Please support this business!
Rob G. - Fixed: Wii
Great experience! Our Wii no longer would read the game disks. Didn't want to buy a replacement since you can't transfer most game data. They fixed it fast and all the data was saved. Great communication through the whole process. Worth every penny and would highly recommend.
cricket chirps - Fixed: 3DS
I was so pleased to discover that xCubicle certainly lives up to its reputation! After dealing with an enormous crack that covered up most of the screen in my 3DS XL for ages, I sent it in to be repaired by xCubicle. They communicated with me very well and sent me my 3DS back pretty quickly. Unfortunately there was an issue with the replacement screen since I had a limited edition model, BUT I let xCubicle know about the issue once I had received it, so then they asked me to send it back and… Read More Reviews
Roxie M. - Fixed: 3DS
Great service! I dropped off my 3DS with them in basically a shambles; it wouldn't boot up, the shoulder buttons were was generally wrecked. In a week, I came back and it was back in working order with brand new shoulder buttons. They work fast, they know their devices, and they're courteous and friendly. To be honest, thanks to their hard work, I almost forgot to write this review; I was too busy enjoying Smash on my 3DS! Thanks for everything!
Bianca Y. - Fixed: 3DS XL
My 3ds xl wouldn't turn on during and the screen is black while the light stays on for 3 seconds and shut off and you would hear the crackling noise. Which I search online that this means that something is wrong with the motherboard. I walk pass XCUBICLE a lot when I go to chinatown and I went there to have my motherboard replaced during March . It took six days to get it replaced and my 3ds xl is working fine. Note to other people that having their motherboard replaced and have digital… Read More Reviews
Malikai - Fixed: PS3
I sent in my lightning edition PS3 from a few states over and they had it back to me in great condition a few weeks later. Had an motherboard replacement done by them. Excellent price, very nice and kept me updated. Will be back for any other console repairs 👍