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Live in New York City? You can drop it off at our shop in Manhattan.

We also have a mail in option, where you send it to us first and pay after its fixed:

Main In Repar Instructions: Package and send your device to our address. We'll diagnose the issue and let you know how much is the repair before proceeding.

Please Note: Please include your name + phone number + email written on a piece of paper and include it in your package. No need to print anything out.


Recent Customer Reviews

Francisco M. - Fixed: PS3
TL;DR - Great shop. Prompt service. Always gets the job done and makes accidents disappear. Long version - I've come to xCubicle for help with consoles on two occasions. The first time they resuscitated my fat PS3 that had finally suffered a YLOD after years of faithful service. I was able to salvage all of my game saves, and they even installed a more powerful fan to try and give the unit a few more years. So far it's still kicking. Recently, I returned to them after accidentally… Read More Reviews
Rodney S. - Fixed: PS5
XCubicle does it, again. My DVD drive door somehow managed to break, and XCubicle replaced it completely free under warranty. The warranty renews itself for another 60 days on the new drive. You can't beat the value!!! Thank you XCubicle. THESE GUYS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Three M. - Fixed: PS5
Fantastic service, amazing work. When my Playstation 5 PS5 died, I got an accurate quote even before I brought it down. They gave me a fully documented receipt for my item when I dropped it off, and had it ready in only a few days. When I went to pick it up, they did a full run through for me to prove it was fixed. Yes, it's cash only but there is a 90 day warranty on repairs. Fantastic friendly, informative staff. Would most definitely use them again and would highly recommend. Also,… Read More Reviews
Bianca Y. - Fixed: 3DS XL
My 3ds xl wouldn't turn on during and the screen is black while the light stays on for 3 seconds and shut off and you would hear the crackling noise. Which I search online that this means that something is wrong with the motherboard. I walk pass XCUBICLE a lot when I go to chinatown and I went there to have my motherboard replaced during March . It took six days to get it replaced and my 3ds xl is working fine. Note to other people that having their motherboard replaced and have digital… Read More Reviews
professor p. - Fixed: Other
My early HTC One replacement phone died after being very reliable over the two years i had it. Figured it was a battery problem. I thought replacing the battery in the HTC One would be a simple solution. I checked vendors on ebay, craigslist and popup cell repair phone shops. No one would touch it, including those who advertised they did. HTC evidendily wants you to shell out another $700. For a new phone, so the phone is made so it have to disassemble half the phone to replace the battery. One… Read More Reviews
Brandon M. - Fixed: PS4
I visited this hidden-away place in order to get my PlayStation 4 fixed for a disc-reading issue. The place is a little hard to find, there are small gold-colored doors at 48 Wall Street on the right-hand side. When you reach the lobby, let the desk guard/attendant know that you are visiting the 5th floor for xCubicle. Service was extremely friendly, reliable, and quick. I paid $140 for 3-hour service on my game system (PS4) and it was completed within 2. I actually waited in the local area… Read More Reviews
Dareon B. - Fixed: Nintendo Switch
So I was a bit in distress because my right Analog went out on my Nintendo Switch and I was way outside of my warranty, and I couldn't find anywhere where I can get the Nintendo Switch serviced here in Arizona. Doing a google search, I found xCubicle and I was a bit skeptical, but I took a chance and I'm sooo glad I did. These guys are amazing and kept me well-informed about my Nintendo Switch repair and it was perfect pricing and timing. Can't highly recommend them enough! My… Read More Reviews
Peter M. - Fixed: PS3
These guys are amazing! my ps3 recently died and i had alot of family photos in my system and I wanted some place reliable. i researched around and was thinking about sending it to places out of the state, but read alot of bad horror stories during shipping so decided to do it locally so at least i can talk to the guy that's going to fix my stuff. at first i brought it to my local game shop in brooklyn but they weren't able to fix it and actually recommend me to these guys afterwards… Read More Reviews
J C. - Fixed: PS5
Thank you for such excellent service. XCubicle repaired my daughter's DSxl perfectly! It plays great and they even managed to save the original custom red casing. The work was done very fast and shipped back to me very timely with no addition cost for shipping. Thank you! I'm definitely going to seek their help again in the future.