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Terms & Conditions + Warranty Information

Store Drop Off Repairs Policy: 

  • Any system or item  repair is subject to a $20 diagnostic fee , which will go toward the final cost of the repair if repairable. If a system has been opened previously by a customer, the diagnostic fee will be $30. This is due to the extra time wasted to figure out what they have done to the device. 
  • Any system or item left at our location for more than 60 days will be the property of xCubicle .
  • We will only repair what is stated to the customer upon a diagnostic review of the problem. 
  • Any unstated problems we encounter during an initial repair, we will notify the customer before proceeding with the additional repair upon approval. 
Returns & Satisfaction Guarantee on Product Purchases: 
You may return any item purchased  from for any reason within 15 days of purchase. For online orders, the product ship date is the date of purchase. Upon approval, you will receive a refund minus a 15% restocking fee.   For all store purchases you may return any item to us within 15 days of purchase minus a 15% restocking fee.
Please include a copy of your invoice and the reason for return. Once received your refund will be processed within 14 business days.
All online returns should be shipped back to:
25A Essex Street
New York, NY 10002
(917) 338-0645
Repair Warranty: 
All repairs are given a 90 days warranty unless stated otherwise below. We are not responsible for accidental damage caused by the customer within the 90 day warranty period. Warranty period starts from the initial first pick up of the repaired system.
LCD screen repairs on any system are given the 90 days warranty, but we will not honor warranty service if the LCD is cracked as this is due to physical damage.
XBOX 360 (RROD) Red Ring of Death / Playstation 3 (YLOD) Yellow Light of Death: 
RROD and YLOD warranty is subject to 90 days warranty.  Repairs are done in house and take about 3-5 business days depending on the workload.

PS3 & XBOX 360 - Blinking Red/Yellow Light Repair FAQ
What causes the Blinking red or yellow lights on the PS3 and XBOX 360?
The cause of the blinking lights is usually due to the overheating of the system where the GPU or graphics processor has gotten so hot that some of the solder underneath the chip has lost a connection or two. As a result, this throws an error to the system. At times it might work, which is the symptom of a upcoming blinking light of death. Please understand that some systems are just not repairable and there is nothing we can do about it. Even if you send your system to the manufacturer they will attempt the same type of repair, whereby costing you more money on freight and time.

How is your YLOD or RROD repaired?

We have two repair processes for all YLOD and RROD repairs.
- 1st Repair Process:
We first do the reflow method whereby we reheat the graphic GPU chip to be reattached to the motherboard and reapply a more efficient thermal paste. The success rate for this repair process is about 90%. We also upgrade your internal fan speed and adjust it to its full setting.
Will I still have to pay you in full if you don't fix my system?
No, you will only pay the $20 diagnostic fee for the work and time spent on it. And if you have a disc stuck in your system, we will extract it for you so you won't have to leave empty handed with a non-repairable system.
Can you retrieve my data on the hard drive even if you cant fix the blinking lights?
No, if you have a important files in your hard drive you will not be able to access them until the PS3 YLOD is repaired as all hard drives from PS3's are married to their motherboard and encrypted on a special Sony format. You won't be able to just pop it into another PS3. If your system is not repairable, there is no known way as of today to retrieve your data. Your best option is to keep the hard drive in a safe place and maybe one day someone will figure out a way to decrypt the sony format. This a known issue with PS3's that many customers complain about.
The Mandatory PS3 Fan Upgrade is too loud can you put it back to its original setting? (* Important *)
From our experience without the fan upgrade there is a much higher chance that the YLOD heat issue can reoccur. Also on certain PS3 systems the fan fuse is blown on the low setting of the fan which causes the fan not to spin at all during startup. This is one major cause of the YLOD and which is why we highly suggest the upgrade. If the noise is too high and you require the fan to be downgraded, we can not be held responsible if your system overheats again.
How are we different from our competitors?
Our repair process is the the same as many other professional repair shops around the nation with some of our own added proprietary methods in keeping your system functioning. We focus on giving the customer a well informed and friendly repair process. We know it can be heart-breaking to have an expensive system die, especially if you have your family photos on it. We will try our best to remedy the situation.