Multi-Cryptocurreny Memory Paper Wallet

The first user customizable multi-cryptocurrency paper wallet. Supporting: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Solana, EOS and Ardor

We've all run into the issue of gifting bitcoin to friends or family at one time or another.

A lot of the times, newcomers have a hard time grasping the concept of "digital" money. They think if you can't feel it physically, it isn't "real". Paper wallets are the best way for beginners to get their feet wet into cryptocurrency. Since they can hold it and see it, its a much easier segway into this new concept of "digital money".

Live Site:

Originally we were giving out bitcoins on paper wallets to friends, family, and businesses, but the online tools were lacking in aesthetics in terms of being able to customize your own paper wallet. Also a lot of the times, we ran into the issue of just "throwing" away money as these people didn't take it seriously and just lost their private keys. They eventually realize their 20 cents worth of bitcoins was worth a significant amount, they ended up asking if we still had the coins we gave them.

This was the motivation to create a paper wallet generator to solve this problem. The ability to have a "master passphrase" to regenerate their keys if they lose it in the future and the ability to use your own custom artwork for birthday, wedding, or Christmas gifts.

Basing our work on Warp Wallet and Memwallet. We managed to retro fit these brain wallet generators with new enhancements for everyday use. Keep in mind these paper wallets are meant to store small insignificant amount of coins which are meant to be given away as gifts or for short term storage. Even with a simple 8 character passphrase, the scrypt address generation is meant to be memory and time-intensive so others can't easily guess your secret. This is why paper wallets should only be meant to store insignificant amounts to be used as gifts.

Main Features:

- User customizable background artwork. Useful for special occassions or company marketing.
- Passphrase recovery
- Bitcoin segwit paper wallet support.
- Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Solana, EOS and Ardor/NXT Support.
- Identicon implementation. Visually identify your address.