GekkoScience ComPac F Bitcoin USB Miner Repair

Device Issue

We deal with non-hashing issues or USB not being detected issues with the GekkoScience USB miners. Any other issues you can text us for an inquiry.

If you're in New York City, you can drop off your device at our Manhattan shop. Alternatively, you can opt for our mail-in repair by following these instructions:

1. Package your device and send it to our address.
2. We will diagnose the issue and provide you with the repair cost before proceeding with the repair.
3. To ensure prompt service, kindly include a piece of paper with your name, phone number, and email written on it inside the package.

Please note that customers are responsible for the packaging and shipping of their devices. For our mailing address, please click here or call us for assistance.

Recent Customer Reviews

Steve Demmet - Fixed: PS3
xCubicle is a lifesaver when it comes to repairing, in my case, a 1st generation PS3. Updates come almost immediately and you're treated with the utmost respect. They take great pride in offering only top-tier service. Complete experts who take gaming seriously. Very fortunate to have found them.
Jamie D. - Fixed: PS4
This was great my hdmi port on my ps4 system was damaged from being pulled in and out so much i took it too xcubicle too have it repaired i thought it would be hard too repair as i had it down for so many months and wanted too have it repaired as a gift for my kid's ,it was repaired the very next day… Read More Reviews
Ben S. - Fixed: 3DS
About as great as it gets in terms of how much it cost to get my 3DS repaired. Very reasonably priced, very efficient process all around, and very pleased with the result. If I ever have any more issues with any electronic devices in the future, I will be sure to contact these guys again!
Rodney Martinez - Fixed: PS4
This place did excellent and speedy work. Fixed my PS4 pro along with issues caused by a previous company that "fixes" console issues. I would highly recommend this company if you have any console issues.
Steve S. - Fixed: Xbox360
These guys are amazing! In the smallest shop I've ever seen, they work miracles!! They're polite, friendly, knowledgeable, and want to be helpful. Really impressive work, I would go there again in a flash if my xbox breaks down again.
A BROWN - Fixed: Nintendo Switch
They wrongly diagnosed the problem on my switch but when they realised the error they refunded me the money(160) and got it working again for $30.00. They are very professional and know what they are doing.I would definitely go back
Francisco M. - Fixed: PS3
TL;DR - Great shop. Prompt service. Always gets the job done and makes accidents disappear. Long version - I've come to xCubicle for help with consoles on two occasions. The first time they resuscitated my fat PS3 that had finally suffered a YLOD after years of faithful service. I was able to salvage all of my game saves, and they even installed a more powerful fan to try and give the unit a few more years. So far it's still kicking. Recently, I returned to them after accidentally… Read More Reviews
Grant R. - Fixed: PS Vita Slim
When I took my PlayStation Vita out of my back pocket and saw that it was missing its analog stick, I was devastated. Since the system was out of warranty, I was prepared to go buy a new one on eBay, and tried that before getting sniped at the last minute. My wife convinced me to look into other options, so I did a quick Google search for "vita repair". xCubicle was the most reputable place I found. Their web site was informative and easy to navigate, and I quickly found and… Read More Reviews
Jayshawon P. - Fixed: PS4
My PS4 is working perfect it's better than when I bought it from target when it was brand new I prefer this company better for anybody this is the number one company I work for anybody to review legal are trying to fix these people know they are doing every kind of They will go out of the way for anybody who needs their video game fix so I give a 25 start up to this company and I love execute little and I will keep cinema stuff there and thank you for your assistance and thank you for your… Read More Reviews