Oculus Meta Quest 3 Pro VR Headset / Controller Repair

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Starts at $130 Call for more Info | LCD Broken / Keyboard / Water Damage / Data Recovery
Device Issue
Controller Repair
Text Us for Inquiry.
Starts at $130 per controller - Call for more Info for all issues

If you're in New York City, you can drop off your device at our Manhattan shop. Alternatively, you can opt for our mail-in repair by following these instructions:

1. Package your device and send it to our address.
2. We will diagnose the issue and provide you with the repair cost before proceeding with the repair.
3. To ensure prompt service, kindly include a piece of paper with your name, phone number, and email written on it inside the package.

Please note that customers are responsible for the packaging and shipping of their devices. For our mailing address, please click here or call us for assistance.

Recent Customer Reviews

Harold Witten - Fixed: 2DS
After looking for someone who could repair my 2DSXL, I eventually stumbled on xCubicle, and I couldn't be happier having done so. They responded within 24hrs of me filling in the web form, and they were immediately prepared to accept delivery of my unit and replace its broken screen. xCubicle received it on the 12th and sent it back on the 17th, and it now works flawlessly. The person I was communicating with kept me up to date at every stage of the process. I can't recommend xCubicle highly… Read More Reviews
Three M. - Fixed: PS5
Fantastic service, amazing work. When my Playstation 5 PS5 died, I got an accurate quote even before I brought it down. They gave me a fully documented receipt for my item when I dropped it off, and had it ready in only a few days. When I went to pick it up, they did a full run through for me to prove it was fixed. Yes, it's cash only but there is a 90 day warranty on repairs. Fantastic friendly, informative staff. Would most definitely use them again and would highly recommend. Also,… Read More Reviews
Kevin Cruz - Fixed: DS lite
1 week after they repaired my DS Lite, I noticed that it had an issue with charging so I let them know and they were nice enough to take another look at it and fix the issue free of charge. Will go back for any repairs I need done in the future.
Victoria Martin - Fixed: PS4 Pro
I had my PS4 Slim repaired by them a few months ago (it wouldn't load up at all) , and I'm really happy with the repair that was done to it. It loads up/ plays close to new. I recommend xCubicle, and they're reasonably priced.
Hayley E. - Fixed: PS Vita Slim
I had recently purchased a PS Vita off of my friend, however, about a week later the LCD screen started freaking out and I was pretty sure it needed to be replaced. I googled for repairs, and I found xCubicle and left a note on the website asking about the repair. They responded the next day with a quote and were very friendly and accommodating. I had to mail in my Vita (which took about a week total) and the repair took about a couple days to a week, so two weeks later I received my Vita again… Read More Reviews
Jamie D. - Fixed: PS4
This was great my hdmi port on my ps4 system was damaged from being pulled in and out so much i took it too xcubicle too have it repaired i thought it would be hard too repair as i had it down for so many months and wanted too have it repaired as a gift for my kid's ,it was repaired the very next day… Read More Reviews
Brandon M. - Fixed: PS4
I visited this hidden-away place in order to get my PlayStation 4 fixed for a disc-reading issue. The place is a little hard to find, there are small gold-colored doors at 48 Wall Street on the right-hand side. When you reach the lobby, let the desk guard/attendant know that you are visiting the 5th floor for xCubicle. Service was extremely friendly, reliable, and quick. I paid $140 for 3-hour service on my game system (PS4) and it was completed within 2. I actually waited in the local area… Read More Reviews
Peter M. - Fixed: PS3
These guys are amazing! my ps3 recently died and i had alot of family photos in my system and I wanted some place reliable. i researched around and was thinking about sending it to places out of the state, but read alot of bad horror stories during shipping so decided to do it locally so at least i can talk to the guy that's going to fix my stuff. at first i brought it to my local game shop in brooklyn but they weren't able to fix it and actually recommend me to these guys afterwards… Read More Reviews
William Kempher - Fixed: New 3DS XL
I sent in 3DS XL with the game cartridge slot damaged. Not only were they reasonably priced. They had excellent communication with me. The service took a few days and had my unit back within less than a week of repair. Understanding communication; excellent communication is well worth the service they provide. A+++ across the board!